11 churches benefit from final hunger grants


The final round of grants to churches from the Hunger Ministries Task Force will provide $16,250 to 11 churches for hunger elimination ministry.
From October 2008 to July 2014, the task force awarded 64 grants for a total of $105,275. The smallest grant was for $150 while the largest was for $5075.  Of the 64 grants, 47 where awarded to ministries in Oregon for a total of $59,400 and 17 grants, totaling $45,875 went to churches in Idaho. Funds were collected from special offerings and the annual change-hunger-fast coin collection across the conference.
Grants have provided community connection, direct food service, and education programs. The task force has worked with churches to see that grants assisted with starting or growing sustainable programs that work with community  
Nineteen of the grants were for community gardens, nineteen for direct feeding/meals, six for food pantries, and eight for backpack programs.  Nine involved nutrition education, community food security organizing, or other education.  The remainder covered a variety of ministries, and there was some crossover with ministries involving feeding and education, pantries and education, or other combinations. 
After six years of championing hunger ministry around the conference, the task force will disband after this final round of grants. Resources for fighting hunger, like the “Recipe for Enough”, will remain on the conference website along with contacts for task force members that are still willing to provide advice and guidance to congregations working to eliminate hunger.
The task force was recognized at the 2014 Annual Conference for their work energizing the conference to eliminate hunger. The task force has succeeded in helping churches have the tools and awareness they need to carry this task forward as a local ministry working with community partners.