A shocking number of mosquitoes!


On the first Sunday of Lent, the congregation got quite a shock. Twin Falls First United Methodist Church’s sanctuary was blanketed in colorful pipe cleaner mosquitoes. Mosquitoes adorned a net strung all the way around the front of the church. Mosquitoes hung from the balcony above their pews. Mosquitoes lurked everywhere in their fellowship hall and on bulletin boards. A giant mosquito even perched on the window of their secretary’s office.

  Leaders explained that, for every $10 raised for Imagine No Malaria during Lent, one mosquito would be taken down. Their church goal was to raise $1000. Every Sunday, the total raised so far was announced and the children counted and removed mosquitoes during children’s time.

Meanwhile, a giving calendar, bulletin inserts, and prayers helped the congregation learn more about Imagine No Malaria. This extraordinary effort of the United Methodist Church is working to end a disease that kills a child every minute.




In just two weeks, the congregation exceeded its $1000 goal. So, they increased their goal to $2000. The leadership team got busy making more pipe cleaner mosquitos. “Well, it’s finally happened,” said a family member after coming home to find rainbow colored pipe cleaners everywhere. “You’ve cracked.”

Cracked or not, this crazy plan kept paying off. By Palm Sunday, the church had raised more than $2000– double its original Lenten goal. Church leaders started making mosquitos with lollipops. “After doubling our Lenten goal, every thing is just SWEET,” they explained on Facebook. On Easter Sunday, the church celebrated saving more than 200 lives through Imagine No Malaria.  






Twin Falls First UMC didn’t stop there. They had a booth in a local festival later that spring and participated in the Miles 4 Malaria 5K in June. This month, they have come on board with the first official church goal in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference for Imagine No Malaria: $6000.

They chose this goal because the church has an average weekly attendance of about 60 people, and they wanted to raise $100 per regular attendee. It’s achievable, but just big enough to be a stretch. By setting a goal, Twin Falls First UMC has become a leader in our conference-wide efforts to end malaria.