Signs of life: FOUND!


Superintendent Lowell Greathouse
welcomes attendees to the Signs
of life training.
(Greg Nelson Photos)
District training committees from the Columbia District of the Oregon-Idaho Conference and the Vancouver District of the Pacific Northwest Conference went looking for signs of life. And they found them at a Saturday training with over 200 participants from those two districts and others.

Signs of Life: Re-imagining the Church in the Pacific Northwest drew teams from at least four districts to Portland’s First United Methodist Church for a day of listening, thinking, and conversation.
Duane Anders
Rev. Duane Anders
Keynote speaker Rev. Duane Anders of First United Methodist Church in Boise, The Cathedral of the Rockies, kicked off the morning with his vision of where to seek, and encourage, the signs of life in church. One of his methods is to apply the APGAR score, used for assessing infants at birth, to a local church setting. What are the scores for Appearance, Pulse rate, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration values for a church?

Attendees then divided into smaller groups to look at topics ranging from crossing denominational lines to asking, “Is there a place for us in the re-imagined church?” Some sessions were traditional workshop presentations, while others were “Conversation Zones” designed to allow for discussion and open new possibilities.

For more information about the Signs of Life event, contact Columbia District Learning Resource Team coordinator, Tim Overton-Harris.  vhumcpastor@qwestoffice.net

Watch Duane Anders’ keynote presentation