Lake Oswego Member has Mission for Infants


When UMCOR West Depot Director Brian Diggs heard that 400 baby gowns made by Jan Rogers were going to be delivered to the Depot in late June, he responded, “Great! We really need layette kit contents right now.” Jan Rogers is a member of Lake Oswego United Methodist Church. She takes seriously the need for Infant gowns for Layette Kits. She goes to garage sales and fabric store sales to buy material to make infant gowns. She says, “I can get three gowns out of two yards of material and a package of bias tape.”

These 400 gowns are a part of the 1040 gowns she has made over two years for United Methodist Committee on Relief. She continues her commitment for helping UMCOR in this manner. Currently she has a stack of gowns cut and ready to sew. Jan is glad to receive donations of yardage and bias tape. She encourages folk to check their sewing baskets for part or whole packages of bias tape and yardage. Donations can be left at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church, call 503-636-8423 for more information.

A  United Methodist Volunteer in Mission Team from First UMC, in Portland will take 40 more gowns and 75 school bags that Jan just finished when they go to the depot in late August.