Passionate Worship is Theme of Clergy Gathering

Passionate Worship is Theme of Clergy Gathering


Over 120 Clergy from across the Oregon-Idaho Conference are gathered for three days to take an in depth look at what “Passionate Worship” can mean for their church or ministry.
Bishop Robert t. Hoshibata has invited Dr. Marcia McFee to be the presenter and guide as the clergy stop to look at what they can do to connect more people in worship and make the experience at tool in building disciples and fostering church vitality.

McFeeOver Thursday’s Hawaiian lunch participates were asked how it was going, and replied with answers like, “Incredibly useful”, Amazing” and “Fabulous.” Rev. Gary Langenwalter was excited because it was giving him tools he will us too, “add breadth and depth to my worship services.”

Passionate worship has been identified as one of the signs of a healthy vital church. Rev. Carolyn Bowers saw the connection to vitality saying, “People will want to invite other to these types of worship services. They pay attention to peoples leaning, styles and needs in worship.” While Rev. Ruth Marsh said, “If someone gets excited about their own worship experience, it gives them something to witness to others about.”

For Rev. Pamela Nelson-Munson was pleased that McFee’s training was good solid worship theology, framed in a format that can be accepted by the clergy audience saying, “She is helping us understand the reason for the different elements of worship. It’s the most pragmatic Bishop’s Symposium I’ve been to.”

McFee’s presentation includes useful techniques and examples, presented in the style of worship throughout the day. Relating to the needs of the congregation is one aspect as she discussed the “Primal Pattern” of individuals. These are based on physiological needs and styles rather than the psychological attributes of other systems.

Bishop Hoshibata felt the clergy assembled at Rose City Park Church in Portland were really responding to way McFee was saying, adding, “I expect there will be exciting things happening in worship on our churches because of this time together.' And McFee observed that “This is one of the best singing groups of clergy I’ve experienced in a while!”

More information about McFee and her ministry can be found at McFee has been named as the worship leader for the 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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