Special Session Supports District Changes


Balloting has been completed for the special session of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.

In a letter sent on September 28, Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata called the special session, “in order to vote on one question only: Shall there be 4 districts in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference beginning on July 1, 2012?” Opportunities followed for discussion at clergy gatherings, other conference meetings, and on the conference website. The bishop also answered questions and offer clarification in blog posts on the website.

Laura BartlettBallots were mailed to members of the annual conference the final week of October and needed to be postmarked on or before November 15 to be valid. Conference Secretary Laura Jaquith Bartlett reports that 687 members of the Annual Conference were eligible to participate in the balloting and 463 ballots were postmarked on or before the deadline. Head Teller Karen Nelson reports that the ballot results are:

Shall there be a total of 4 districts in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference beginning on July 1, 2012?

Yes 379
No 49
Abstain 27
Invalid 8

Bishop Hoshibata intends to share the new assignment of churches to districts before the end of the year. He stated, “After consultation and prayerful discerning, a tentative plan has been developed. I will be seeking final input from both the Ministry Leadership Team and the Cabinet on this very important decision. I want to make sure that the assignments are in concert with the mission of our annual conference, provide for effective administration, and are conducive to building relationships and mutual support of our ministries.” According to the bishop, announcements of the Assistant to the Bishop and the District Superintendent assignments will come in January.

At the Annual Conference Session in June, districts will have the opportunity to recognize past accomplishments and form new connections, relationships, and leadershp for the district. Annual Conference will be June 14-17, 2012 at the Salem Conference Center in Salem, Oregon.