Bishop Shares District Organization for July 2012


Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata has shared a plan of assignment that divides the Oregon-Idaho Conference churches into four districts to take effect on July 1, 2012. This follows the vote of the Annual Conference to move from a plan that organizes what have been five districts into four.

Paragraph 415.4 of the 2008 Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church calls for a bishop, “To form the districts after consultation with the district superintendents and after the number of the same has been determined by vote of the annual conference.”

Regarding the determination of the plan Bishop Hoshibata shared, “I wanted to make sure that the assignments are in concert with the mission of our annual conference, provide for effective administration, and are conducive to building relationships and mutual support of our ministries.”

For the time being each district will be known by the number of churches in it. During the 2012 Annual Conference session, each district will have a time to gather and form themselves as a new group of leaders. Among their tasks will be the selection of a name that represents the district as it moves forward. “I hope that all of us understand that we did not simply eliminate a district. Rather, in these new assignments, all of our churches are affected,” shared Hoshibata. “Each of our churches now belongs with a different constellation of churches in one of 4 newly constituted districts. This provides us an opportunity to forge new relationships as we also strengthen relationships of the past; so we can all move forward on a journey seeking health and vitality. “

You can click here to view or download the list of churches that will be assigned to each district.