Peru - Bolivia Lake Titicaca Border Mission<br>Mision Fronteras


Misión Fronteras serves the predominantly Aymara communities of Peru and Bolivia surrounding Lake Titicaca. Located in the altiplano at 12,500 feet above sea level, this is the poorest economic region of both countries. Boise First United Methodist Church has been visiting this rural area with Salem’s retired Reverend Arturo Fernandez since 2001. Teams have gone nearly annually to work with Methodist churches and communities as well as national church leadership of both countries.

In 2009 a covenant between Boise FUMC, Iglesia Metodista del Perú, and Iglesia Metodista Evangélica de Bolivia established four basic goals for a mission site on their borders at Lake Titicaca. The four objectives are: Training (Capacitación) of pastors and lay leaders; Church growth (Evangelización); Exchange and Interaction (Intercambio) between covenant partners; and Healthcare (Salud).

Scott and Bev Pressman served as onsite mission coordinators for the year of 2010, and have been followed by Jeff Wasilovich and Debbie Rissing from Chicago (N. Illinois Conference). This is a mission growing rapidly, adding economic development as a focus to sustain its projects as well as improve life in these rural communities.

Boise FUMC is still actively involved and wants to continue to send teams annually to support this mission that has captured many hearts. What a blessing to have two new dedicated onsite UMVIM Individual Volunteers for coordination and communication, as well as expanded financial and spiritual support from their church and conference. For more information about this mission and need for volunteers or mission teams, please visit www.misionfronteras.com . You can also contact Scott and Bev Pressman at bspressman@gmail.com.