Hagiya Shares Pastoral Letter on Gambling


Voters in Oregon are being asked to approve constitutional changes and changes in law to allow the first private casino in the state.

The United Methodist Church has a long standing position of opposing gambling and the harm it can inflict on communities and families.

Image of Pastoral LetterAs voters prepare to mark the ballots they will receive in the mail next week, Bishop Grant Hagiya has written a pastoral letter on the subject of gambling. In it he shares his concern for the predatory nature of Casinos saying, “They make huge profits for owners from the gambling losses of our most susceptible neighbors.”

Bishop Hagiya urges church members to “help your churches and your communities take a serious look at the whole picture of the effects of gambling and the introduction of private casinos to Oregon, which could impact our communities for decades to come.”

Note: On October 16 Casino proponents announced they would suspend their $5+ million advertising campaign. Read more on OregonLive.

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