Annual Conference Actions: Transgender people are children of God

Annual Conference Actions: Transgender people are children of God


Submitted by Debbie Mallis

Each year at the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Session, in among the budgets, appointments, reports, and celebrations are conference legislation items. Many of these actions and standing resolutions are intended to live out the values of The United Methodist Church as it exists in the Oregon-Idaho context. This article is one in a series to highlight legislative items related to social justice and values.

Last year, members of our Annual Conference voted to pass Standing Resolution 2, Affirming and Celebrating All Transgender Children of God. It was sponsored by OR-ID Reconciling United Methodists and the Methodist Federation for Social Action. During the past few years, bills that discriminate against transgender people have been introduced in state legislatures across the country, including Idaho. Most of this legislation comes from the same sources. Examples include bills that bar gender affirming healthcare for transgender youth, access to restrooms and locker rooms, participation on school sports teams, and making it difficult to receive identification documents with their preferred name and gender.
How do we react as United Methodists?  Our United Methodist Social Principles state that our understanding of the Gospel is that all people are important because they are made in the image of God and loved by Jesus Christ. We commit to being in ministry with all persons. We support the basic rights of all persons and deplore acts of hate and violence. Our United Methodist Baptismal Covenant calls us “to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”
The resolution states: “The Oregon-Idaho Conference of The United Methodist Church opposes all the laws attacking the dignity and rights of transgender persons. We believe that these are harmful and immoral. We stand with transgender persons and will continue to support their rights. Furthermore, we instruct our Conference Secretary to transmit this resolution to the Governors and heads of the House and Senate of the States of Oregon and Idaho.”
Where there is hate and injustice, it is important for us as United Methodists to stand with the oppressed. Our transgender brothers and sisters need our support right now.

Learn more about the fight for gender inclusion and justice in Idaho.

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