Board of Ordained Ministry approves $500 spiritual direction grants


The Oregon-Idaho Conference Board of Ordained Ministry has approved a new Spiritual Direction grant that will allow persons to apply for a $500 grant from the Ministerial Education Fund (MEF) toward that goal.

At the Board of Ordained Ministry’s last meeting, members approved providing the grant for spiritual direction to persons serving in local church ministries. This includes certified lay persons, licensed local pastors, commissioned clergy, deacons and elders. Receiving a grant will not affect other MEF requests. See the link below about the scholarship policy. 

This $500 grant is a one-time offer for spiritual direction. The pandemic has added layers of stress to those who serve in ministry. Like everyone else, The Board of Ordained Ministry has been meeting via zoom and feels the strain of not being in physical proximity to one another. Through this new MEF grant, the board wishes to support ministers within the Oregon-Idaho Conference.

Other MEF offerings include renewal leave, study/travel, and continuing education. The clergy wellness page has resources that may qualify for MEF requests: https://www.umoi.org/clergy-wellness. One possibility is an online 30-day course for people on the edge of burnout offered by Rev. Beth Estock in January. You can find out more here.

To apply for a spiritual direction grant or other MEF scholarship request, go to: MEF Application Form.

Your completed form and request will be sent to MEF coordinator Patty Meyers. Please contact Patty for any additional questions at pattymeyers79@gmail.com.

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