CrossPoint holds first service


A preview service was held last Sunday, August 21st, an intro to the new faith community in Boise that is taking roots this year. The church does not yet have a physical location, as it is a movement for compassion, justice, faith and worship. It is about creating a space for people who have no prior experience with faith and for those who have “been burned by dysfunctional faith”. If you are in the area, take a Sunday and check it out!

Read their story: www.XPoint.Church

Dana Hicks is the Lead Pastor of the new church. He currently also serves at Northwest Nazarene University in the School of Theology and Christian Ministries as an adjunct professor of missional leadership. Both Dana, and his wife Serena, have seen a need arise in downtown Boise for the opportunity of a new vibrant Christian faith. CrossPoint is an initiative to change the culture of the city. Continue reading Dana’s biography.