Generosity workshop about more than paying bills


Stewardship isn’t about paying the bills.

If there’s one thing the Rev. Charles “Chick” Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy hope pastors and lay leaders take away from their workshop on Feb. 10 in Tigard, it’s that stewardship is more than making sure the lights stay on and the church building stays heated.

“I’m convinced paying the bills is not much fun," Lane said. "I think people want to hear what Jesus says about this.”

Lane is a retired Lutheran pastor who has been working in the stewardship field for the last 15 years. Pomroy is a self-described millennial who also works in the field. They recently co-authored the book “Embracing Generosity” which will be part of the packet of resources given to local church leaders attending the event.

Cesie Delve Scheuermann, stewardship consultant and Inspiring Generosity blogger for the Oregon-Idaho Conference, said she invited the two stewardship experts to come to Tigard because of their diverse backgrounds, which will help the diverse churches in the Oregon-Idaho Conference.

“Younger people are engaged in this work, too,” she said. “Hopefully (attendees) will come out with new ideas.”

Lane said cultivating more generosity and better stewardship practices takes a multi-pronged approach. When pastors and lay leaders leave the workshop on Feb. 10, he promises they will have concrete examples of what they can deploy in their own congregations.

“I’m a retired pastor who has worked in the area of stewardship for 15 years. I know how congregations work,” said Lane. “(Grace) is a millennial, so she brings a great awareness of stewardship ministry with people her age.”

Lane said their message resonates across the ages, gender, life experience, congregational size and more.

“This is helpful even for people in smaller congregations,” he said. “We can really tailor some of the ideas in that direction.”

Lane said they’ll cover three basic ideas during the workshop. First they’ll work at understanding what stewardship is – more than just paying the bills. Then they’ll look at generational characteristics and trends in giving. Then of course, the focus will be on why? Why do you give?
Lane said all of this is based on churches remaining faithful to scripture in these practices.

“It can grow the income of the church if done right,” he said.

Registration is still open for the Feb. 10 workshop at Tigard UMC, 9845 SW Walnut Street. The workshop will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Delve Scheuermann said the $50 registration fee covers lunch as well as a copy of the book “Embracing Generosity.” Folks wanting more information can reach her at inspiringgenerosity@gmail.com

Not only will it be an opportunity to hear from Lane and Pomroy, but Delve Scheuermann said it can also serve as a networking opportunity for local churches.

“It’s not only meeting with them, but meeting with people who are engaged in this work, too,” she said.