Laity workshops offer learning experiences


On Thursday afternoon, laity were able to attend a plethora of workshops at Annual Conference to help them discern new and fruitful ways in which to support ministries in their local churches.

Folks had the chance to learn about how to make their churches more disaster resilient, incorporate more social media into their church life, build a community garden, making disciples and ways in which churches can be partnering with their local communities.

Sarah Richard attended the workshop on churches partnering within their local communities to support and expand ministries. As a member of Hillsboro First United Methodist Church, she said they are already engaged in some of the work presenter Paula Sadler offered.

Richard said the discussion focused on ways in which a church can support needs in the community without having to create a new ministry.
“I see a need in my community to have better connections,” she said. “We’re already doing some of this work. But (this workshop) gave us ways to improve it.”

Angie Kiblinger serves as the communications coordinator for Hillsboro First UMC and she decided to attend the presentation on social media being offered by United Methodist Communications.

Kiblinger said she’d describe her church at being advanced beginners in the area of social media communication, and the presentation was geared more toward churches that are beginning to get on board with social media.

“I so value communication, that any time there are resources available, I’m going to take advantage,” she said.