OR-ID Holy Land Task Force 'horrified' by Trump peace plan


The members of the OR/ID Holy Land Task Force were horrified by the announcement of the “Deal of the Century/Peace Plan” recently announced by the Trump and Netanyahu administrations. We know that many share in our dismay.  Some have commented on the timing of the announcement – midstream in Trump’s impeachment trial and preceding Netanyahu’s third attempt to retain his position as Israel’s prime minister in the face of recently filed corruption charges.  Others are struck by the incongruity of a “peace” plan that was drawn up with NO input from one of the parties to it – the Palestinians.
One of our Task Force members, Rev. Dr. Alex Awad, shared his perspective (as a Palestinian Christian now living in the US) of this “plan” with United Methodists for Kairos Response and our Task Force:

  • Any peace deal that does not engage Palestinians as full partners is doomed to failure. Who are they making peace with?
  • A peace deal imposed by the rich and powerful on the besieged and battered Palestinians will move the region into a higher level of conflict.
  • A peace deal that is designed without input by all parties can never meet the demands of the Palestinian people for fairness and justice.
  • For the Palestinians, this is not a peace plan but rather a demand to surrender their internationally acknowledged rights.
  • The deal is doomed to failure not only because it bypasses Palestinians, but the deal also sidesteps the UN.
  • Followers of Christ and all people of conscience are called to stand with Palestinians at this, yet another dark moment in their history.
The liberal Israeli publication Haaretz echoed Rev. Awad’s sentiments:.  Indeed, most fair-minded individuals cannot help but wonder about the lack of balance and equity.
The Task Force asks that we all pray that, even in the midst of the current situation, peace may prevail for our brothers and sisters in Israel/Palestine.  Also, please contact your elected representatives to share your opinion of this so-called “Peace Plan.”