Our Annual Conference Theme & Logo for 2021


This year’s theme for annual conference sessions across the Greater Northwest Area is “Love Never Ends,” a short line from I Corinthians 13 that captures the essence of that beloved text.

While this chapter of I Corinthians is familiar to many because of its usage at wedding ceremonies, it speaks more broadly than this practice might suggest. As he writes to a community in conflict, the Apostle Paul casts a vision of love that selflessly seeks the good of others, resists arrogance as it aims to understand, and perseveres in hope through hardship and the lack of perfect knowledge.

This theme and its visual representation seek to call to mind the love Paul describes as present in the witness of so many GNW United Methodists over a challenging year. It visually centers love while also communicating forward movement, endurance and the hopeful promise of a new day.

About our designer
Isaiah Valera is a member of Faith United Methodist Church in Issaquah, Washington. He is a communications and design major at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts for design. Isaiah also has supported the work of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference for many years as a youth Page.