Representation important at Legislative Assembly


2018 Legislative Assembly

Saturday, April 27, the Annual Conference’s 31-member Legislative Assembly will gather to spend the day taking a ‘first pass” at legislation proposed for the 2019 Annual Conference Session.

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Selected by a formula which comes from Conference rules, the assembly is representative of the full Annual Conference membership that will meet in Eugene, OR, in June. Diversity is important with clergy, laity, age, ethnicity, and geographic region being some of the areas considered in the rule that forms the assembly.

This year, 14 items will be reviewed. Five are action requests, eight are new or renewing standing resolutions, and one is a petition to the 2020 General Conference. Action requests call for the conference to act in some way. This may be a one-time act, creating a policy or rule, or initiating a program. Standing resolutions make a statement on behalf of the conference. These help to define the values of the conference and state beliefs.

Lake Oswego United Methodist Church will host the assembly on Saturday. Spokespeople for the 14 petitions are invited to address the assembly and answer questions. The assembly members can then discuss and debate the item. They may choose to revise the item before voting on a recommendation for the Annual Conference session.

No decision of the Legislative Assembly is final. Their recommendations and revisions will be published before the Annual Conference session and be presented to the full Conference for a final vote.

The Legislative Assembly meeting is open to the public. It will be held at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church, 1855 South Shore Blvd, Lake Oswego, OR. Check-in begins at 9:30 and the meeting will begin at 10 a.m. Ending time is flexible depending on the flow of the work.