Responding to suicide prevention in faith-based communities


September is National Suicide Prevention Month and Suicide Prevention Week is September 10-15.

The Faith Communities Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention has assembled an array of resources to help celebrate Faith.Hope.Life.

Faith.Hope.Life is an opportunity for every faith community in the United States, regardless of creed, to focus on one Sabbath each year on the characteristics common to most faiths that also help prevent suicides. These characteristics are at the very core of what most faith communities are and do, in that they:

  • Promote hope
  • Build healthy social connections
  • Provide answers to life's challenging questions
  • Recognize and celebrate the myriad reasons for living and the God-given value of each member in the community, no matter how young or old, weak or strong, healthy or infirmed, and
  • Support those who face mental health challenges and/or problems with misuse of alcohol and other drugs as they seek effective treatment; and, at the same time, provide support to their families and loved ones.
More resources and helpful tips will be coming from Oregon-Idaho Conference Abundant Health Coordinator Marshall Wattman-Turner soon.