Safe Sanctuaries training available at Annual Conference


Sponsored by the Safe Sanctuaries team, a half-day training is open to everyone attending Annual Conference and others interested in learning more about safe sanctuaries and abuse prevention.

The training will be held Wednesday, June 12, from 9 am to noon at the Wesley Community Center on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene.

This training is an opportunity for individuals and churches to:

  • Learn more about how Safe Sanctuaries is an important and integral part of your church’s ministry
  • Ask questions about the Oregon-Idaho Conference template on Safe Sanctuary Policies
  • Participate in discussions around current issues.
The cost is $10 per person or $25 per church. Henry said a person does not have to be attending Annual Conference to attend Safe Sanctuaries training. You can register online.

The training is being lead by Lydia Henry, the Conference’s safe sanctuaries coordinator; Rev. Warren Light, Esq., Safe Sanctuaries Advisor; Theresa Hart, member, Safe Sanctuaries Team; *BEST Bystander Training [TM]* ”Bystander Efforts Serve Transformation.”

The morning will be broken up into sessions explaining why Safe Sanctuaries is a vital ministry, prevention, creating safe spaces, current policy issues in the Oregon-Idaho Conference, followed by a question and answers session.

Contact Henry at preventabuse@umoi.org for more information.