UMW takes on 150 book reading challenge


The United Methodist Women of the Oregon-Idaho Conference are engaging their mind in abundant health efforts as they celebrate 150 years of  ministry to women  by reading 150 books by the end of March.

Since January 1, the group has been aiming to read 150 books, collectively, until March 23 when the global United Methodist Women’s group celebrates 150 years.

“With such reading and the understanding and mission, it leads to contribute to the well-being of our members and the mission fields they support,” said Becky Warren, president of the Oregon-Idaho UMW.

Much like last year’s challenge to walk around the world (via exercise), this reading challenge requires a bit of accountability. As women finish a book, they are encouraged to share its title with their local church unit or district program resource manager who will share the titles with Conference program resource managers.

The total read will be posted weekly on the UMW Facebook page. The suggested listed of books come from the global United Methodist Women Reading Program. Education, mission and leadership are some of the categories in the combined book list since 2014. The full reading list can be accessed through www.umoi.org/umw.

“The purpose of the United Methodist Women's Reading Program is to offer a ‘study opportunity’ that also should lead to action. The categories in the Reading Program are leadership development, social action, nurturing for community, education for mission, and spiritual growth,” Warren writes. “Each year new titles are added with other books from the previous five years remaining on the list. To receive a certificate for each plan level, the reader must read one or two books in each of the five categories. To receive a certificate for Plan IV, a reader must read 2 books in each of the 5 categories and 10 additional books in the program for a total of 20 books.”

In connection with Bishop Elaine Stanovsky’s CrossOver to Life initiative, the Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Women are also reading “We Make the Road by Walking,” which is included in the list of 150 books to read.