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OUR TWO CENTS Newsletter - Fall 2022


Whatever your age, whether you currently hold an elected position or have "been there, done that," if you are active in United Women in Faith or just kind of on the fringe, a life-long member or dipping your toes in . . . wherever you are, if you are at all a part of United Women in Faith or are thinking about becoming one, you are a leader In order for this wonderful organization that is putting faith, hope and love into action for women, children and youth to thrive, we need to be welcoming and inclusive, sharing the joy we have found and continue to experience in this sisterhood of women.  So this year we are changing the way we gather.  We will have an ALL-MEMBER Leadership Training Event and an Annual Celebration (aka annual meeting).  And after 2 years of having to gather only via Zoom, we will also be gathering in-person - though still with the Zoom option.  If that weren't joyful enough, our special guest presenter is 'Ainise I'sama'u, national president of United Women in Faith

Inside the pages of this Our Two Cents newsletter, you'll find all the details, plus so much more.  Download the Fall 2022 edition of OUR TWO CENTS HERE.  Read it, print it, share it with your unit members, and one other woman you know.

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