People Portal and Church Dashboard

People Portal

Clergy, lay assigned pastors and lay persons who hold leadership positions within the local church have access to the People Portal on this website which provides secure access to information and relevant reports for that person or church. Most of us are familiar with this kind of online access through our doctor’s offices, where we have an individual login to see chart information and appointments.

The People Portal is accessed by a link on the top right of any page of the conference website, where it says "Login."  If you are unsure of your login information, please contact your District Office for assistance. If you know your username but have forgotten your password, please click the “Need help logging in” link and enter the email address on file with the Conference.

In their People Portal, clergy, lay assigned and local church leaders will find:

  • Contact information which can be reviewed and updated if needed
  • Current forms which are being requested (these are available if they apply and during the window of time in which we are requesting them)
  • if appointed to or a leader in a local church, a link to the Church Dashboard where church forms are located
  • Compensation information is available for local church pastors and appropriate local church leaders
  • if clergy, a link to their Clergy Profile form

 We encourage you to get familiar with this mode of connection and communication between you and the district and conference offices. If you have questions, your District Administrator can assist you (see contact information below).

Church Dashboard

The Church Dashboard is another access point to the Conference Database for local church forms.

It is also accessed by the "Login" link at the top right  of any page of the conference website, using a username and password unique to the church.  If you are the authorized person to access this for your church, but you are unsure of your login information, please contact your District Office for assistance.  Pastors and local church leaders will find a link to their church(es)' Church Dashboard in their People Portal as well.

The Church Dashboard is a secure place to find current forms and reports requested from the church, during the time period in which we are requesting them.  It also contains a link to the Church Profile form and a way to review information we have on file about church leadership.  

If you have any questions, contact your District Administrator:


Cascadia District Office, Linda Grund-Clampit - District Administrator,  cascadia@umoi.org   (503) 581-3969

Columbia District Office, Jennifer Fowler - District Administrator, columbia@umoi.org   (503) 802-9227

Crater Lake District Office, Sheri Konowitz - District Administrator, craterlake@umoi.org  (541) 689-3725

Sage District Office, Etha Carruthers - District Administrator, sage@umoi.org   (208) 537-3683