Preparing for Charge Conference

A successful and efficient charge conference meeting requires planning ahead. Here are some suggestions to make things go smoothly.

  • Prepare and distribute completed reports to participants prior to the meeting. Electronic distribution(email) is acceptable and be sure to give printed copies to participants who do not have email. Have a few printed copies on hand if you are having an in-person meeting. 
    • Reports which require a vote by participants include:
      • proposed compensation for clergy or lay assigned pastor
      • nominations report (list of proposed church officers and committee members)
      • first and second year membership readings (to remove people from membership roll if applicable)
      • certified lay servant/certified lay speaker report(s) (if applicable)
      • certified lay minister report (if applicable)
    • Reports that are required to be shared, but not voted on
      • Report of the Trustees
      • Reports of clergy who are members of your charge conference
    • Reports that are not required to be reviewed but are completed and submitted online:
      • Health and Wellness Agreement (between clergy and church council)
      • Safe Sanctuary Policy Review
      • Church Leadership Contact Information
      • M.I.L.E Assessment Form for SPRC
  • For successful Zoom Charge Conferences the following additional suggestions are helpful:
    • encourage everyone to connect to the Zoom meeting from their own device (computer, smart phone, or telephone) at their home location. 
      • for those who do not have access to the internet to participate, gather in small groups (2-4 people) to share a device.
    • If  your situation requires that participants gather in a large group at one location you will need a computer (probably a laptop) connected to a large screen and a speaker. Anyone speaking at the meeting must go to a microphone or be directly in front of the laptop to be heard. This situation requires a "point person" at the location to help with tech and coordination of people talking.
      • gathering around a laptop does not work in large groups (over 4 people). People cannot hear or be heard.
    • Someone who has a copy of all reports on their computer should be prepared to share their screen so everyone can see the report being presented.
    • Most votes at the charge conference can be by general consensus or by a "show of hands." The DS, Presiding Elder, or tech advisor can give directions for voting.
    • When a private/written vote is needed (such as affirming a candidate for ministry), the Zoom poll option can be used. The meeting host (DS or Presiding Elder) will know how to do this and give instructions.