Provisional Members

This page is designed to provide support for persons who have been elected into provisional membership in the Oregon-Idaho conference. As you move toward full membership and ordination, this list of requirements may be helpful.

You will have a variety of support resources for you along the way:

  • The BOM registrar for provisional members: Deb Payne will keep you informed about requirements, and is always happy to answer questions.
  • The BOM will assign a clergy mentor to you, sometime in the summer after you are elected into provisional membership. That person will walk with you as you journey toward full membership and ordination. If you have questions about your mentor assignment, contact Nancy Amos or Amanda-Gayle Reed, the BOM's mentor coordinators.
  • You will also have a Fruitfulness Team, which consists of two or three BOM folks who will oversee your Fruitfulness Project (a required project that demonstrates fruitfulness in carrying out the church's mission of "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World"). Your Fruitfulness Team leader will serve as a liaison between you and the Board. The provisional member registrar can give you more information about your Fruitfulness Team.
  • As a provisional member, you will be expected to participate in the Residency in Ministry (RIM) program for two years. Karlene Clark works with the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference BOM to coordinate RIM for the entire Greater Northwest Area. In RIM, you'll receive support both from your peers who are also traveling on this journey, as well as from experienced clergy who lead the group.
  • Questions about process, requirements, contact information, and just about anything else can be address by our BOM administrative assistant, Laura Jaquith Bartlett

As a provisional member, you will have annual requirements to complete and submit to the Board. Some of these will be tailored to your particular growing edges, as discerned by the BOM during your application and interview. There are also some basic requirements completed by all provisional members. Your requirements will be communicated to you by the Board registrar, but you can see an example of the basic requirements below:

First Year Requirements

Second Year Requirements

When you are ready to apply for full membership, be sure to contact the BOM registrar for deacons/elders (also Deb Payne). We recommend that you do this early! Deb will send you the list of items you'll need to include in the application packet. Typically, the application deadline is December 1, but check with Deb early on to make sure the deadline has not changed.


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