Resources for District Committees on Ordained Ministry

2015 Oregon-Idaho DCOM Handbook 
NOTE: This resource is in the process of being updated. There is useful information here, but several pieces are out of date, so please contact the BOM Administrative Coordinator if you have questions about any of the content.

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--DCOMs

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Candidacy

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--interviews

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Psych Assessments

2017-20 GBHEM Handbook--Licensing and COS

Action Report to be sent to the BOM after each DCOM action

Action Outlines to be used as a guide when taking DCOM action on a candidate or local pastor

Certified Lay Ministry: step-by-step process for becoming certified and for renewal of certification

Minutes Template for DCOM use

Orders of Ministry comparison grid

Tips and Tricks--archive of weekly emails for DCOM members

Contact the BOM Admin for the link to your Committee's Dropbox folder with more resources

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