Sage District

The Sage District is located in Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho with many of our congregations located near the Snake River.
Our district runs for 500 miles along Interstates 84, 86 15, and Highway 20 from La Grande to Ashton with a only a couple of our 41 churches are located further than an hour drive from these highways.

"Sage" refers not only to the aromatic shrub that dot this semi-arid region, but also to the profound wisdom that springs forth through history and traditional culture. 

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Etha Carruthers
Sage District Administrator
(208) 537-3683
Karen Hernandez
Sage District Superintendent
(208) 537-3683


Mailing Address:
Sage District Office
PO Box 642
Twin Falls, ID 83303-0642

Office emailsage@umoi.org
Office Phone: (208) 537-3683