Sage District Audit and Fund Balance Report

The Annual Audit and Fund Balance Report covering 2022 is due April 30, 2023. This report is to your church council/charge conference and to the annual conference. Be sure a copy is shared with the church council for their records.

This Audit Guide includes information about an audit, recommended procedures, and a checklist.

This instruction sheet gives detailed information about completing the Fund Balance Report. 

If you want more information about the audit, this article (which contains a webinar filled with answers to all your questions) at Discipleship Ministries is recommended and there is an upcoming free webinar on March 14 which you can participate in as well.  You can find more information and register at this link.

It is important that the person completing the audit not be one of your counters, financial secretary, treasurer or finance chair. Sometimes churches "swap" with a neighboring church finance teams to complete the audit.

For 2023 we are asking you to submit a copy of the Fund Balance Report and Audit through your Church Dashboard. Your pastor or church administrative person has your login information (or you can contact the Sage District office for assistance.)

If you have any questions, please contact Etha at the Sage District Office - (208) 537-3683 by text or call.

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