Zoom Charge Conference Suggestions

Holding a charge conference by Zoom or in-person requires planning ahead. If you need suggestions for making an in-person charge conference run smoothly, contact Etha in the district office.

Zoom Charge Conferences have their own challenges and we have some suggestions to help it work well:

  • Instead of printing all your reports to hand out at the meeting, send them out by e-mail prior to the meeting. (This could be a good idea for an in-person conference as well since it saves paper and allows those attending to read through the information prior to the meeting).
  • It is most important to supply people with reports or information which they need to vote on. Those include: 
    • Nominations Report (list of proposed church officers and committee members
    • Proposed compensation for clergy or lay supply pastor
    • First and Second Year readings to remove people from membership roll (if applicable)
    • Certified Lay Servant Report(s) (if applicable)
  • Reports that are required to be shared, but not voted on can sent by email as well or they could be summarized verbally during the meeting, and offered later as a printed report to those who request it. These reports include:
    • Report of the Trustees
    • Reports of clergy who are members of your charge conference.
  • Reports that are not required to be reviewed at the meeting and are such as "Safe Sanctuary Policy Annual Review" and the "Church Leadership Contact Information," just for the district office can be completed and submitted online. These reports include:
    • Safe Sanctuary Policy Review
    • Church Leadership Contact Information
  • Most votes can be by general consensus, or by a "show of hands" within the Zoom meeting as directed by the DS or presiding elder.  
  • When a private/written vote is needed (as for affirming a candidate for ministry), the Zoom poll option can be used. The meeting host (DS or presiding elder) will know how to do this.
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