Sage District Fall Charge Conferences

Here is what to expect about your Fall 2022 Charge Conferences:

  • Schedule: Charge Conferences will be held during the month of October and they will be held on Zoom. DS Karen Hernandez will preside at the charge conferences. DS Karen will meet with each congregation at a later date for a more substantive conversation about ministry at your church. Details for scheduling both meetings has been emailed to your pastor and church.

  • Agenda: Your Fall Charge Conference will be to fulfill the essential business as outlined in ¶246-247. The agenda will be available soon.

  • Required Reports: 
    Compensation will be entered via the People Portal
    An information page about compensation is found here. 
    Detailed information for entering compensation has been emailed to clergy, SPRC Chairs, treasurers, and administrative assistants. Compensation is required to be submitted to the district office at least one week prior to your charge conference meeting

    The report forms will be accessed through the Church Dashboard. Your login information is the same as last year. If you need your login information or password reset, contact Etha at the district office. For those with obstacles to accessing or completing online forms, printable PDFs are available upon request from the district office. Clergy can access the Church Dashboard from their People Portal - which makes reporting for more than one church easier.

    A summary of reports due and who is responsible for each can be found here.

    • Church Officers Contact List and Nominations

    • Health and Wellness Agreement

    • Certified Lay Servant/Certified Lay Speaker Annual Report (if any)

    • Report of the Trustees

    • Safe Sanctuary Annual Policy Review.

    • Financial Information

      Printable worksheets for gathering report information are available upon request from the district office.

  • Other Reports:
    Clergy with charge conference relationship at your local church (retired, extension ministry, honorable location, and deacon) will complete their report to the OR-ID Annual Conference and are asked to submit a copy of that report to their charge conference. Please contact these clergy, tell them the date and time of the charge conference, and tell them by what date you would like a copy of their report so you can share it with your charge conference. You will not need to submit this report to the district office.

  • Minutes of the Charge Conference: This year the minutes of your charge conference will be entered online at the Church Dashboard. When you login to the Church Dashboard, you will see a link in the left-hand menu for "Sage District 2022 Charge Conference Quick Minutes." Click on the link and begin the report. When finished print two copies, one for the church files and one for the pastor.

  • Additional Request: Church Profile (not required, but highly suggested that you review and update if you have not done so in the last two years, available on the left side of the Church Dashboard, but not in the Charge Conference Reports section)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Etha at the Sage District Office (208) 537-3683 (call or text) or by email at

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