Extension Society



The Eastern District Mission Society (aka Sage District Extension Society) is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Idaho.

The society provides short-term, low-interest and no-interest loans to churches to aid in building and ministry projects.

Churches Helped

Within the past decade, we have made loans to the following churches:

  • Eagle
  • Trinity (Idaho Falls)
  • Collister
  • Boise First (Cathedral) Amity
  • Payette


Loans are configured in two parts: 60% from the Builders Club and 40% from the General Fund. A loan maximum is $30,000 and must be payed off within three years. The Builders Club portion must be paid off first (usually in 18 months). Please view our cover letter under Forms below for more information.

  • Builders Club - Interest-free
  • General Fund - Low interest


Grants are not available at this time.


Loan Application
Loan Application (cover letter)
Loan Application (procedure)
Extension Society ByLaws

Loan requests should be sent to Treasurer, James Anderson.

How The Society is Funded

The Society is funded via four main sources:

  1. The Annual Asking (main source)
  2. Interest on Loans
  3. Interest from the Bank
  4. Donations to the Builders Club Fund

Representatives & Election

Each church shall elect a representative for the SDES. At our annual meeting (around Easter), these representatives are elected to be members of the Society. From these representatives, a Board of Managers (BOM) is elected. The BOM consists of a President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer. The District Superintendent is the Executive Secretary.

Members are elected to serve one year, with a limit of re-election up to five times (serves a maximum of six years).


President: Don Rohde
Vice-President: Rev. Mike Hollomon
Recording Secretary: 
Treasurer: Jim Anderson