Sexual Ethics On-line Test

You must complete the online test with a score of 100%. The test can be taken repeatedly to achieve a perfect score.

Test Procedure:

1. Read the Sexual Ethics Policy for Clergy, 2015 Journal, Volume #1 on pages 38-43 or click here.

2. Click here to begin the test

3. Enter the password: The password is the same for everyone, but is not printed on the webpage. It was in the email or letter you received in the test announcement notice. If you have misplaced it you can contact Rev. Janet Farrell, Administrative Assistant for the Board of Ordained Ministry at (503) 376-9049.

4. Complete the requested information, including your agreement to abide by the Conference Sexual Ethics Policy.

5. Complete the ten multiple choice questions. This is an open book test; you are welcome to refer to the policy while taking the test. You may pause the test at any point and resume later.

6. When you have completed the test you will receive your results instantly. Only 100% correct answers fulfill the requirement. You may take the test as many times as necessary.

7.  When you have achieved 100% the testing service will automatically send notification to Rev. Janet Farrell, Administrative Assistant for the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

8. Janet will forward the notification to your District Office where a copy of certification will be placed in your district file, and your District Superintendent notified of your successful completion of the test.


Need help with taking the test? Contact: Rev. Janet Farrell or (503) 376-9049

Having technical difficulties? Contact: Rev. Janet Farrell

Questions about the policy? Contact: Rev. Joyce Sluss

Need help with an exemption or medical leave deferment? Contact your District or Bishop's Office:

    Becky Delurey,  Bishop's Office: 503-226-1530

   Linda Grund-Clampit, Cascadia District Office: 503-581-3969

   Sandy Lofy, Columbia District Office: 503-249-1851

   Kay Burdick, Crater Lake District Office: 541-689-3725

  Josh Heusner, Sage District Office: 503-802-9225

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