VOTER IDS + ZOOM LINKS will be emailed to AC members Tuesday (June 6)

Special Called Session

Details on the special-called session to process and discuss disaffiliations.

The sole purpose of the Special Session is to affirm or not affirm the church conference actions of local churches that are choosing to ask to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church under the provisions of The Book of Discipline, Paragraph 2553. The Board of Trustees will present negotiated settlements that cannot be amended. The members of Annual Conference will affirm or not affirm the agreements by a simple majority vote. The voting membership of the special session will consist of the clergy members of the annual conference as defined in ¶32 of the Book of Discipline and the lay members of the June 2022 Annual Conference (lay member or alternate, whoever was last seated in the June annual conference) in accordance with the Book of Discipline ¶602.5.** 

Supporting documents for May 6 Special Session:

Recording of the May 6 webinar to process disaffiliation requests: