Student Resources

Students are at the heart of what we do. We have a full array of resources, events, and leadership formation tools that students can access through our ministries. We help provide the tools students need to help discern their call, develop their skills, and discover a community of other young Christian leaders.


Information on Scholarships Through The United Methodist Church

Undergraduate and graduate level scholarships are available through the annual conference and through the general church.  The general church also has a loan program.  Find information at

United Methodist Student Movement

UMSM is a an open global network of students connected to The United Methodist Church through their college, local church, campus ministry, or university; who are interested in growing together in discipleship, faith and leadership development.

UMSM has a biennial leadership development conference: NEXT.  This conference challenges and inspires students to consider and plan the next faithful steps in their vocations, communities, the church, and the world. College students are encouraged to attend and learn how to put their faith, gifts, talents, and skills into action.  

To learn more and join the movement visit


Explore Your Calling

We are called to make a difference.  The United Methodist Church supports students in exploring where God is calling you to serve.  Check out the information and resources at

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