Team Leader Resources


  • OR-ID UMVIM Guidelines and Policies
  • OR-ID UMVIM Safe Sanctuaries Policy
  • Team Form Sets
    • Team Leader Application (DOCX or PDF)
    • Team Roster, Insurance Reimbursement and Background Check Request (DOCX or PDF) - use this to register your team with the conference and request background checks and insurance reimbursement for your teams.
    • Domestic/National Form Set  (DOCX  or PDF) - use this for any team travelling within the US states, including in-state and in-conference.  Use the international set for travel to US territories.
    • International Form Set  (DOCX  or  PDF)  - use this for any team travelling outside of US states.
    • Optional Forms (DOCX or PDF) - this includes a team member application and medical questionnaire.
  • Global Ministries UMVIM Scholarshiip
  • Team Insurance Links
    • Domestic and International - Recommended via WJ - this is a new paper process.  Download the Individual Insurance Application from the website, ask each team member to complete and return to you; scan them.  Fill out the Group Insurance Application Spreadsheet and email it along with the individual application scans.  Send a check for payment or pay on-line.
    • SEJ  (alternate, international only) - this is an all on-line process.  You register your team with SEJ and then have the option of purchasing insurance through the same process; you should generally choose the $25K option.  (Note:  SEJ no longer offers domestic insurance.)
    • NCJ (alternate, both domestic and international) - this is a paper process.  From the link provided, download the appropriate coverage packet (generally the $25K, NOT Sports Cover).
    • REMEMBER, OR-ID has a registration process as well and you must complete it to be eligible for reimbursement of the administrative/registration portion of your insurance cost.
  • Other Resources
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