Training Resources

No online classes are scheduled at this time.   

  • The following training resources are available for use. For additional information, we also recommend the book, "Safe Sanctuaries, Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth", by Joy Thornburg Melton, JD. She has also written other books on Safe Sanctuaries.
  • Safe Sanctuaries 101 Training Guide
    • Based on the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Policy
    • This guide/workbook is designed to help individuals or teams understand the Oregon/Idaho Safe Sanctuaries policy. It contains scenarios for teams to discuss.
  • Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Safe Sanctuaries Abuse Prevention Policies Pre-test and Post-test
    • This short quiz is a good way to become familiar with the Oregon-Idaho Safe Sanctuaries policy. It can be taken at anytime as part of a training or refresher. Answers to the test are found at the bottom of the document.
  • Previous online training 
    • Please Note: The information on these videos cover the topic of abuse. Please note that this may be difficult to hear. We urge you to take care of your needs.   

    • To access these videos, you will need to contact the Administrative Assistant for your District:

      Cascadia              cascadia@umoi.org         503-581-3969

      Columbia             columbia@umoi.org        503-802-9277

      Crater Lake         craterlake@umoi.org      541-689-3725

      Sage                     sage@umoi.org                208-537-3683

  • Video of August 16, 2022 - The Cells Remember
    • Robert Marrs, LCSW shares information gained in over 40 year's experience in working abuse survivors that have allowed him unique insights into the long-term effects of untreated trauma.
    • Kristi and Mel Phillips will focus on healing trauma through the arts and spiritual healing. 
  • Video of May, 2022 - Difficult Conversations
    • Patrick Lemmon - Making Safe Sanctuaries Safe - Reflecting on the Meanings of Safety. Talking about the concept of making safe sanctuaries safe and what it means to be in a safe place. Panelist - Difficult Conversations
    • Warren Light - Panelist, Difficult Conversations Warren is a UMC clergy and attorney who has consulted with over 100 faith communities on prevention of sexual abuse.
    • Dr. LaVerne Lewis - Panelist - Difficult Conversations; Dr. Lewis shares her experience as an educator with the Oregon Public Safety Academy's Department and as a retired deputy to talk about Safe Sanctuary - Where to Start. 
  • Video of July 18, 2021 Safe Sanctuaries Online Training
    • A Safe Sanctuaries training presented by the Safe Sanctuaries Team and guest speaker, Patrick Lemmon.
    • ​​​​Click here for a link to the presentation slides by Patrick Lemmon from the training.

Additional information available through the Board of Discipleship - United Methodist Church

Other Resources