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    United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


Dear Friends,

The United States — a nation of many peoples of different races, nationalities, languages and cultures — is challenged to make the Charter for Racial Justice a charter for everyone.

This is the opening sentence to the Charter for Racial Justice. In 1954 The Woman’s Division asked conferences and jurisdiction to ratify the Charter of Racial Policies and “to commit to its implementation.” In 1962 a new Charter for Racial Policies was adopted by Woman’s Division and 18 years later adopted by the General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Let’s return to the phrase, “To commit to its implementation.”

United Methodist Women know the value of study, of discernment, and action. To commit to the Charter’s implementation we need to know what to study (read), what to resolve (discern), and how to respond (action). The first two must educate and guide but cannot be excuses for not acting when justice demands it.

What to Read?
 The Charter for Racial Justice


• Racial Justice Timeline: Important Moments of Racial Justice History in the United States and United Methodist Women. https://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/rjtimeline

• So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo. Form a book group and/or take the online class. This book is on the UMW Reading Program.

• The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

• Information on the justice issue priority “Mass Incarceration of Communities of Color.” (https://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/racial-justice/mass-incarceration)

What to Resolve?
From “For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies” by Courtney Ariel, Sojourners (link) come six things to do to become stronger allies:
• “Listen more; talk less.”
• “For one out of every three opinions/insights shared by a person of color in your life, try to resist the need to respond with a better or different insight about something that you read or listened to as it relates to their shared opinion.
• “Being an ally requires you to educate yourself about systemic racism in this country.”
• “Please try not to, ‘I can’t believe that something like this would happen in this day and age!’ your way into being an ally when atrocities” like recent events happen.
• “Ask when you don’t know — but do the work first.”
• “And finally, stop talking about colorblindness….It will never be possible for us to be colorblind, and we shouldn’t ever want to be.”

How to Respond?
• Study the “We will” statements in the Charter for Racial Justice, and select one to develop or to join if there is already an effort underway.
• Prayerfully consider how “Living the Charter” calls you to respond. Being a biblical issue, leadership issue, community issue, and public-policy issue, the justice actions are legion.
• Take to heart this phrase, “The Charter continues United Methodist Women’s urgent call for study and action on the principles and goals of its vision.”

When United Methodist Women live the vision — turning faith, hope and love into action — “we work for justice through compassionate service and advocacy to change unfair policies and systems.” Our mission is clear.

Becky Warren, Conference President


 You can also read this Press Release from United Methodist Women:  Black Lives Matter to God and Black Lives Matter to United Methodist Women






Poor People’s Campaign Mass Assembly, June 20 and 21, 2020


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   Due to the Corona Virus, there will not be a

face-to-face Mission u this summer. 


However, United Methodist Women National is developing a webinar of the Spiritual Growth study Finding Peace in an Anxious World.  When that has been completed, it would allow people to participate in the study in one of 3 ways:

  • Participate in the webinar virtually

  • Stream/access it a later time when it has been posted online, and view on your own

  • Meet as a unit or cluster or District (once that can safely happen) to participate using a combination of the webinar and small group discussion.

While we don’t have more details yet, you will be kept informed as we learn more. 

What you CAN DO while you wait if order your study book:  Finding Peace in an Anxious World edited by Erin James-Brown at https://www.umwmissionresources.org/shopping_product_detail.asp?pid=53481

Also, for those who were planning on taking the study "Pushout:  The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools", please know that this study will be offered next year (2021) at Mission u. 

Your Mission u team asks for your prayers and patience as we determine how to bring Mission u to you in this new format.





What Can We Do About Covid 19?

United Methodist Women members are responding the Coronavirus pandemic by supporting our households, our congregations and communities, and ourselves while also reaffirming our commitment to Social Justice Advocacy for women, youth and children. The pandemic has made visible the fractures in our society, where the most marginal communities are already being hard hit.

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