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Our Purpose

    United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


Dear Friends,

At the Cascadia Annual Meeting in September, Paula Sadler, Treasurer of Western Jurisdiction United Methodist Women (UMW) and member of Tigard, OR UMC, spoke on what it means to “Live Deeply Into The Purpose.” Here are highlights.

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God…

  • “Knowing God is at the top of our priority list.” Our missional approach is unique because “our positions are rooted in scripture.”
  • UMW provides numerous “tools to foster our relationship with God.” These tools include: the Prayer Calendar; Spiritual Growth study at Mission u; Mission Coordinators for Spiritual Growth; the Reading Program; unit book groups and Bible studies; and Spiritual Growth retreats.

…and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;

  • While we may struggle with that concept of being a whole person and while “we are more familiar with not being whole, Christ’s life and ministry show us that ‘God desires wholeness for women.’” Jesus healed girl children and adult women of physical and mental infirmities, and restored women to their communities. He also taught them.
  • United Methodist Women “can provide a welcoming community that views all women as whole persons, exactly as God created them. Each of us should feel free to contribute all that we are: all of our skills, all of our ideas, our whole selves, at any gathering of United Methodist Women.”

…to develop a creative, supportive fellowship;

Paula invited those gathered to think of a time when United Methodist Women provided support. Examples came easily to mind.

  • Members also “use their creative skills to reach out in ministries of support” — Prayer Shawl Ministries, baby blankets and quilts for children, small pillows for women following surgery for breast cancer, and chemo hats.
  • She challenged us to be creative and imagine ministries to different demographic groups — to women who are moving forward after a divorce; to children in the age of social media; and to youth starting college or attending school far from home. “There are unlimited possibilities.”

…and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

  • Paula focused on two words: expand and global. She distinguished between cultural colonialism and our concept of mission. Yes, “our mission work is grounded in Christian faith” but UMW “has enlarged the concept of mission to encompass working with communities on issues of justice, health, and education.” Globally we support regional missionaries in communities all over the world and missionaries serving in many of the National Mission Institutions in the United States.

Her conclusion: “United Methodist Women is about mission. Mission is about health care. Mission is about education. Mission is about justice. Mission is about faith, hope, love in action. Thank you, Paula!

Becky Warren, Conference President



General Information Fall Events 2019

            Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Women


District Leadership Training Event

Friday, October 18, 2019


Time of Event:

Registration 10:30 am - Gathering 11:00 am

Adjournment 8:30 p.m.     


Special Workshop for Everyone:

Becky Warren and Turella Woods will be presenting “Best Practices for Successful Programing” 


District Leadership Training:

2-5:00 p.m. Training in 8 breakout rooms

6-8:30 District Team Meetings


Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Newberg United Methodist Church

616 Deborah Rd, Newberg OR



Time of Event:

Registration 9:00 a.m. and Gathering at 9:25 a.m.

Adjournment at 3:30 p.m. following Communion 


Special Speaker:

The Annual Meeting on October 19, 2019 will feature our guest speaker Karen Wood, Willamette University's chaplain and associate professor of religious studies since 2012. Karen is a minister in the United Church of Christ, an avid backpacker, and an enthusiastic transplant from the east coast to the Pacific Northwest. She has a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a Masters Degree and Doctorate from Harvard University.


Homestay Housing:
Indicate your request on the registration form and Sue Chambers will be making arrangements.
Hotel Information:
Best Western:          2211 Portland Rd., Newberg, OR 97132 Phone(503) 537-3000
                                  Nightly price $121.99 + tax for 2 beds, $111.99 for single. -.7 mile from NUMC
                                  Continental Breakfast – 2 stories with no elevator
 Travel Lodge:           2816 Portland Rd., Newberg, OR 97132  Phone(503) 537-5000
                                 Nightly price $109.00 + tax for 2 beds, $99.00 for single. - 4 mile from NUMC
                                 Continental Breakfast – 2 stories with no elevator but will house everyone downstairs
Town & Country:      1864 Portland Rd., Newberg, OR 97132 Phone: (503) 538-2800
                                  Nightly price $91.00 + tax for 2 beds, $77.55 for single. - 1 mile from NUMC
                                  No Continental Breakfast – 1 Story 
NOTE: Motels will hold blocks of rooms for United Methodist Women until October 8, 2019
Questions? Contact Turella Woods at turellaw@gmail.com or 503 318-8711

Proposed Changes to Standing Rules

These proposed changes to the Conference Standing Rules will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in October.  Please read through them to become familiar with them before you vote.  If you have questions, please contact Ann Murchison.


Fall is in the Air – It’s Time to Read


The 2020 Reading Program book list is now available.  There will be tear sheets (covers and book descriptions) for all of the new books at the Annual Meeting.   Be sure to bring your credit card because you will be able to order them from Amazon with free shipping!

And if you don’t want to wait that long, you can find the list on the United Methodist Women website.  Either way, time to think about doing some reading!


Ann Murchison and Carol Richard, Resource Room Managers

Fall 2019 Edition of Our Two Cents is now available.  Download it HERE


Charter for Racial Justice and Zimmerman Fund Grant Awards


Each year the Oregon-Idaho Conference United Methodist Women awards the Charter for Racial Justice Award. The two recipients in 2019 were Cynthia McCleod (Portland, Oregon) for her advocacy for racial equity for 30 years and Mary Lynne Ball (Eagle, Idaho) for her work with Congolese refugees.

Cynthia McCleod, a member of Fremont United Methodist Church, Portland, Oregon, is a semi-retired educator who worked in the Portland Public Schools as a teacher, principal, and administrator until “retiring” in 2011. During her retirement she started classes on Courageous Conversations to help white people have conversations about race, and to awaken people to the issues of institutional racism and white privilege. 

Mary Lynne Ball, a member of Meridian United Methodist Church, Meridian, Idaho, has introduced Congolese refugees into the church and the children into Sunday School. She created opportunities for Congolese women to tell their stories to United Methodist Women and Church Women United. Mary Lynne is known by the children as their American Grandmother. She helps these families secure food and clothing, and she has convinced churches to establish refugee funds for emergencies.

Both Cynthia and Mary Lynne live the Charter by their recognition that racial justice is a biblical, leadership, community, and public policy issue.


At Annual Conference recognition was given to the two recipients of the Isobel F. Zimmerman Fund Grant. This Grant Program distributes monies to programs directed toward leadership development of Native Americans or African Americans or in support of a Foreign Mission Project supported by United Methodist Women. The two programs receiving $1,043 each are in Camp and Retreat Ministries: Scholarships for Niimiipuu-Nez Perce children attending Wallowa Lake United Methodist Camp; and an African American youth in the Resident Counselor training program.


Receiving nominations for the Charter for Racial Justice Award and applications for the Isobel F. Zimmerman Fund Grant are the responsibilities of the Committee on Charter for Racial Justice Policies. Members of this committee are Becky Warren, Lynda Montgomery, Janice Stevens, Gerthenia Burns, Chris Mitchell, JoAnn English, and Eva Johnson. They receive nominations for Letters of Commendations to churches and civic groups whose advocacy of racial justice deserves a word of thanks. The Committee also nominated Yuni Rueda Barrera to serve as the Conference Language Coordinator for United Methodist Women Oregon-Idaho Conference


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LogoLegacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment that will support the mission outreach of future generations of United Methodist Women as they address the needs of women, children and youth of their day.

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Becoming and Being a

Healthy Vital Unit Program

Is your community of women doing the things that make us United Methodist Women?  Download the checklist below and take it to your next group gathering.  Be inspired!  Be healthy!  Be vital!

Healthy Vital Unit Checklist HERE

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Proposed Changes to the Conference Standing Rules (to be voted on at Annual Meeting October 2019) 

Changes to Conference Standing Rules Approved October 20, 2018

Conference 2019 Standing Rules 

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