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    United Women in Faith shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.



Dear Sisters in Faith,

Waiting…..watching……preparing……These words are a part of our Advent tradition.  But for what are we waiting, watching and preparing?  The prophet Isaiah points us to a time when all peoples “shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; when nations shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” We are on a journey with God toward a time when “we can all walk in the Light of the Lord.” Isaiah 2:4-5. 

Our journey as United Women in Faith toward this vision of peace and wholeness began in the 1860s when some courageous women came together and organized themselves to be in mission, sending out women into the mission field. Those first courageous missionaries were Isabella Thornburg, who went to China, and Sarah Dickey, who educated emancipated slaves. Some other courageous women that are a part of our legacy on this journey include Sandy Chalakee, Jessie Daniel Ames, Thelma Stevens,  Theressa Hoover, Joyce Sohl, and Harriet Jane Olson.  You can find out a little about these courageous women by reading the Racial Justice Timeline. https://www.umwmissionresources.org/downloads/RJTimeline.pdf  Through these past 153+ years, United Women in Faith has continued to work for the time when “we can all walk in the Light of the Lord.” 

One courageous woman among us in our Oregon Idaho Conference is Judy Halverson.  At our Annual Celebration in Boise, we awarded her the 2022 Charter for Racial Justice Award.  Through the years, Judy has been an advocate for social and racial justice work.  She has worked tirelessly to educate others about injustices, and to encourage systemic changes to alleviate those injustices.  This year she led our Conference United Women in Faith in understanding the importance of land acknowledgements and how to use them as a first step in bridging an understanding. Congratulations, Judy!

Along with many of you, I am grateful to be on the journey with such a courageous group of United Women in Faith. Advent is a time to remember that waiting, watching, and preparing are important parts of the journey.  My prayer is that each of you find new ways to share the Love and Light of God with others during this holy season of Advent.

Chris Mitchell

Oregon Idaho Conference President

United Women in Faith



On Friday October 21, we gathered for a Leadership Training Event - “Draw the Circle Wide.” In the morning, two optional activities were offered - a visit to the Wassmuth Human Rights Center in Boise or an Ubuntu mission opportunity at the church.

Then on Saturday, October 22, we held our Annual Celebration Meeting.  Our theme for the day was BE JOYFUL!   It was a special joy to have ‘Ainise  ‘Isama’u, our national United Women in Faith president, as our keynote speaker. both days 

As we planned this event, the planning team pondered this question: What brings you joy?  The pictures below reflect the joy we experienced as some of us gathered in person.
































Native American Land Acknowledgement


A Native American Land Acknowledgement Priority Plan has been developed.  You can find it HERE.  This is first step on a journey of seeking reconciliation and healing with the Indigenous People.  You will also find a list of Queries for Native American Land Acknowledgement HERE.  As Todd Barrett suggested, we should allow the Spirit to take us along this journey.




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The Western Jurisdiction committee on nominations has the responsibility of finding women within each conference who are qualified to be in leadership positions and are willing to serve for a term of four years on the Western Jurisdiction Leadership team.  An important tool we use to do this is our Profile Sheets. 
Filling out the sheet doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be asked at this time, but it is important that the committee on nominations have your information for future reference. 
You can download the profile form HERE.

You can email your completed profile form to Lynda Montgomery at dynomont_3@msn.com (be sure to put an underscore between the t and 3) or mail it to her (address is on the bottom of the profile sheet).
Thanks so much on the behalf of the Western Jurisdiction Nominations Committee.
Lynda Montgomery,
Chair of the Nominations Committee  

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The Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment that will support the mission outreach of future generations of United Methodist Women as they address the needs of women, children and youth of their day.

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