Vital Signs

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In January 2012, United Methodist churches, including churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference, began tracking six key indicators of vitality by entering weekly information into a Vital Signs "dashboard." Those indicators are:

  • Worship Attendance
  • Professions of Faith
  • Involvement in Small Groups
  • Engagement in Mission and Outreach
  • Support of (giving to) Missions Around the World
  • Giving to Support the Ministry of the Congregation (pledges and offerings)
Vital Signs is an easy, intuitive way to measure outcomes of goals your church has set, and to evaluate the effectiveness of ministries and strategies.
Find out more about what to report by watching a short video (just under 9 min.).
Find out how to report your church's information by watching a 2 min. video.

For more information, read Frequently Asked Questions.
If you are not receiving a weekly Vital Signs reminder email with a link to your church's reporting page, contact the Conference Communications Office by emailing,, or
For more information about Vital Signs reporting visit

*By Conference, district or church.

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