Welcome Laity!

Jan and EmilieWelcome to all lay members of our annual conference! We look forward to meeting and sharing time with you in Boise. It will be a very busy time, but we believe you will leave with lots of good things:

  • Connections. Make new friends and connect with others you don’t see often. A great way to get started will be at the new member orientation on Thursday afternoon at 4:30. Everyone is welcome, but new people will find it especially helpful to meet some of the leaders and to know more about what happens and how. Also for new members, you can ask for a mentor to help you figure things out. Just check the box on the registration form.
  • New ideas for ministry. You will learn about what other churches are doing and what resources are available to help you. Ideas specifically for lay members will abound at the laity session and laity workshops on Thursday afternoon. Check the descriptions of the workshops. Please sign up for the one that interests you most. You can change your mind when the time comes, but it really helps to assign rooms if we have an idea of how many people are interested in each one. The Ministry Marketplace will be another good source of ideas for work in your local settings.
  • Inspiration. There is nothing quite like worship at annual conference! There will be three major worship services and lots of other opportunities to sing and pray with hundreds of other United Methodists and to hear great preaching.
  • Fun. We will all celebrate together at the banquet on Friday night as we commemorate 50 years of the United Methodist Church and the 50th session (49th year) of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference. You can also register for a special meal with others from your district or with a group that you are connected with. (You must pre-register for all meals online.) Or you can just meet up with friends for a walk, coffee, or a meal together.
  • Information. What exciting things are happening in our conference? What does our conference budget do for you and for others? How can we best prepare for the uncertain future of the whole church? You will learn answers to these and many more questions. You will want to pay attention to all this so you can give a great report to your church when you get home.

Be sure to register before May 30 to avoid the late fee. Remind your church that they should assist you with your expenses. Be sure to ask questions about the things you don’t understand.

See you in Boise!

Jan Nelson
Conference Lay Leader
Emilie Kroen
Associate Conference Lay Leader


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