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"Each church in the Oregon-Idaho Conference shall annually designate one Sunday on which abuse awareness and abuse prevention are incorporated into the worship experience. The District Superintendent’s office shall be notified as to when this service has taken place." (2018 Journal, pg. 39)

Abuse Prevention Sunday - Worship Resources

Abuse Prevention Resource Bibliography

United Methodist Resources

United Methodist Church Book of Worship. For the Victim or Survivor of Crime and Oppression (Blessing #547). Includes Scripture suggestions. Also, Section VIII, "Healing Prayers and Services". Services 1 & 2 may be adapted.

A Safe Sanctuaries Celebration by Joy T. Melton.
“A Safe Sanctuaries Celebration” order of worship is taken from the book Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth (pages 157–58), by Joy T. Melton. Copyright © 2008 Discipleship Resources, Nashville, Tennessee. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Other Resources

Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention
Worship resources focused on meeting the needs of abused and neglected children living in South Texas. The litanies and worship resources are child focused.

Women’s Inter-church Council
Planning a worship service
Begins with a thoughtful theological statement and a section on using symbols in worship; contains links to many resources.

Mennonite Church
Dove’s Nest Collaborative.
Worship and other materials for the Safe Sanctuary-like program of the Mennonite Church.

African American Lectionary. Children’s Sunday: Stopping Abuse and Neglect
Litanies, music selections, dance; other resources listed

Other Prayer and Litanies

Bidding Prayer Release
Holy and Almighty God, you have counted the hairs on our heads, and you watch over the lowliest sparrow. Hear now our prayers for all those within the church affected by sexual misconduct, abuse, or harassment.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Heal all children everywhere who have been abused or otherwise harmed by those entrusted with their spiritual care. Bring them justice and restore their innocence.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Bind up the wounds of adults who have been betrayed and abused by those in authority in the church, be they lay or clergy. Grant them hope and new life.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Make your judgement known to those who have committed misconduct, abuse or harassment. Enable them to grasp the depth of the injuries they have caused, and lead them to repentance and amendment of life.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Grant the congregations of The United Methodist Church--and of every denomination--the wisdom, the compassion, and the courage necessary to confront those who abuse; to comfort and support those who have experienced abuse, and to strive always for the safety of your children.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Empower bishops, superintendents, Boards of Ordained Ministry and other leaders within Annual Conferences and the General Church to hold all Christian leaders accountable to their holy calling, and to respond with grace and generosity to those who have been wounded by the church.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Sustain and inspire the leaders and participants in the “do No Harm” conference, that they grow in knowledge, discernment, and skill as they seek to be ever more faithful to your command to care for the least of these.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Pour out your Holy Spirit on the Response Teams across our denomination, who are charged with offering our justice, your grace, and your healing mercies in the midst of the devastation of sexual misconduct, abuse, and harassment. Enable them to be your ambassadors, offering hope and new life in the midst of pain and anguish.
Gracious God, hear the prayers of your children.
Guard our hearts, our minds, and our bodies, Almighty God, that we may be your faithful servants, doing good and not harm to all your children, and that every congregation can become a safe sanctuary. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. AMEN.

Copyright Lorinda H.M. Hoover, for the United Methodist “Do No Harm” Conference, January 2011. Permission granted to duplicate.

Prayer for Ethical Leaders
May I become, at all times, both now and forever, a protector for those without a protector; A guide for those who have lost their way; A ship for those with oceans to cross; and a sanctuary for those in danger.

May I be a lamp for those in need of light; A refuge for those in need of shelter, and a servant to all those in need.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Ethics for a New Millennium