Young Adult Ministries

Who are Young Adults? 


Young Adults are those ages 18-35.  This population is absent from many of our churches.  We recognize that this absence is unacceptable.  Our churches have much to learn from young adults and much to offer as places to grow spiritually as young adults face the many major life decisions that accompany this time in life.   Most young adults go through at least some of theses transitions:


      • leaving family of origin 
      • leaving college
      • entry into career
      • entry into partnered relationships
      • entry into parenthood/family


The United Methodist Church understands God’s sanctifying grace as a gift to us on a journey of growth and transformation. Together with the young adults of our communities we hope to continue to grow and transform so that the church may become a truly vital place of community and connection for all people.

What Does the Conference Young Adult Ministry Team (YAMT) do?

Resourcing ~ We provide presentations, book lists, trainings and more to churches, district teams, and conference groups on young adults and how to be in ministry with this population


Mentoring ~We send a team to your congregation to work with the leadership on how to strengthen young adult ministry.  We work with the demographic information for your setting to help you craft a program and attainable goals.


Events ~ We've worked to create events such as Rejuvenate and the Young Clergy Dinner to provide places of connection for young adult clergy and lay people. We’re also hoping to partner with the PNW Conference to create additional events in the near future.


Leadership ~ We also work with conference leadership to recruit young adults for service in various aspects of the work of the Annual Conference. 


If you know of a young adult who would be interested in serving in the conference or if you would like more information about mentoring or resources about young adults please contact us at


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